Nice to meet you, Tenuta Tenaglia!

‘Wine is love‘ Sabine likes to tell her guests, friends and customers.

And how can you blame her? Everything in this historic winery located on the slopes of one of the highest hills of the Monferrato speaks of a feeling of affection.

Just as Giorgio Tenaglia, the founder, stayed here in the distant 17th century for passion – that for Barbera – in the same way Sabine’s parents, the German husband and wife Ehrmann, bought this property for the realisation of a dream in a land that had deeply enchanted them!

Dedication to quality, listening to tradition, and always looking for inclusiveness and innovation have become the mantra of the present, the ingredients with which Sabine, her children Luigi and Isabella, and the entire team have worked to create a completely new recipe for winemaking.

Among our vineyards and in our glasses you will have the pleasure of exploring all these scents and discover with surprise how in each one of them you can recognise a little of our beautiful Monferrato, a little of our centuries-old history, and why not, also a little of yours.

With affection,

Sabine and the entire Tenuta Tenaglia team