Tenuta Tenaglia

In the Vineyard

The specific terroir of our small commune is characterised by a particular geological conformation of marine origin. The soil has an upper clayey layer that insists on sedimented layers of ancient marls below, which confer an advantageous mineral richness to our vineyards, allowing the wines to achieve aromatic and olfactory results of considerable refinement and elegance. The unusual altitude at which our vineyards are located, much higher than the average for the Monferrato hills, allows our grapes to grow in a favourable micro-climate, far from the fog and winter frosts that are usually concentrated in the valleys. The particular geological conformation completes the picture of our terroir, consecrating it as a vocation for wine-making excellence.

The production cycle in the vineyard is followed with great care, with the intention of reducing the use of chemical products to a minimum. The adoption of a dedicated sustainability protocol enables vineyard management in line with the strict principles of Integrated Agriculture.

In recognition of our dedication to the protection of environmental resources, we have obtained SQNPI (Sistema di Qualità Nazionale di Produzione Integrata) certification, a guarantee of the responsibility with which we create our wines.
By virtue of this, we protect our plants and soil from disease and impoverishment, respectively, by privileging organic products and agronomic practices that integrate naturally with the functioning of the ecosystem.

Throughout the year we carry out periodic checks and maintenance work, right up to harvest time during which the most promising and healthy bunches of grapes are manually selected for the cellar.


Tenuta Tenaglia

In the Cellar

The original and evocative seventeenth-century cellar is the estate’s barrique cellar, the historic nucleus around which a modern body equipped with stainless steel tanks and state-of-the-art technology has developed over the years. These are the environments where the union between nature, man and science allows magic:

  • The white grapes, after destemming and a short cold maceration, are softly pressed and the must obtained begins fermentation at a controlled temperature. After about a month, the wine begins its refinement in stainless steel tanks and after repeated racking, it is ready for bottling.
  • The red grapes, after destemming, are placed in fermenters and after a couple of weeks of maceration the complete transformation into wine takes place. After a series of racking, useful for clarification, the ready-to-drink wines are prepared for bottling while those destined for ageing are placed in wooden barrels and only after at least 12 – 18 months of refinement are they bottled.

All our wines are supervised by the Monferrato oenologist Roberto Imarisio, who, thanks to his aesthetic sense and his considerable experience, offers a refined and elegant interpretation of the wines.

All this is enriched by the daily contribution of a team of talented collaborators who have been following the production with great professionalism for years.
The labels of our reserves are numbered so as to highlight their excellence in time and space.