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tt nutrirsi di luce

Exhibition “Nutrirsi di Luce” of Artmoleto in early September

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From September 5 to 6 in the enchanted village of Moleto, in Monferrato, the contemporary art exhibition in collaboration with the Eco-museum of Pietra da Cantoni::

“Feed from Light”

The evocative title resumes the hot topic of the ”Year of Light”, namely of the “Food for the Planet” proposed by EXPO. The Cultural Association Artmoleto, invites you to the exhibition “Nutrirsi di Luce” on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September from 13.30 to 19.30

We will be present on Sunday from 17.30 to 19.30 for an aperitif inspired by the works of the artists: Domenico Cavalli, Gio Bonardi, Ilenio Celoria, Ferroglia Piero, Michelle Hold, Andrea Massari, Alessandro Patrone, Teresio Polastro, Petra Probst, Roberto Pissimiglia, Bärbel Ricklefs -Bahr, Flavio Tiberti, Bona Tolotti, Daniela Vignati.

The aperitif is restricted to supporting members of the association. The fee to become a Supporting Member is only 10 euro, with 50 euro will become a Silver member and receive a work of art on paper from the artist chosen by you!

For more information : www.artmoleto.com/
Or the facebook page: facebook.com/Moletoart